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"That which is called the Black soul is a white construction": A Response to Ars Longa de Habana's 'Gulumbá Gulumbé' (2023)

Hanns Eisler: Composer, Coward, Communist (2023)

A Theater of Music Playlist (2022)

The Sounding of Trumpets: Ritual, Signal, Warfare, and the Hunt in the Music of Early Brass Instruments (2022)

The Unity of the Brandenburg Concertos and the Idea of the Musical Work (2022)


The Early Guitar and the Art of Categories (2022)

“Peace Shall Be Her First Glad Ringing”: Bells, Community, and Auditory Culture (2022)

Love Letter to Kenjiro Nomura (2022)

Luigi Russolo's Cacophanous Futures (2022)

Banduras for the Blind: Minstrels, Epic Song, and the Ukrainian Culture of Resistance (2022)

A Mechanical Instruments Playlist (2022)

"To Please the World With Their Songs": The Battle for Music in 17th Century Convents (2022)

The Whimsical Past, the Scholarly Present, and the Case of the Countertenor (2022)


Patronage, Professionalism, and Slavery: The Lives of Musicians at the Ottoman Court (2022)


Klezmer, Community, and Communication: How Music Loses its Roots (2021)

Ottoman Music, Cultural Evolution, and the

Problems of Musical Mythmaking (2021)

Blocking Out the Sun: Music Censorship and the Taliban (2021)

Never the Same Twice: European Folk Music and the Act of Musicking (2021)

A Canon Is an Idea: Craft, Genius, and the making of "Classical Music" (2021)

Al-Andalus: the Music of Islamic Iberia and its Living Descendants (2021)

The Instruments of Harry Partch in Seattle: Whimsy, Community, and Microtones 





Album Review: Poor Isa ~ dissolution of the other (2023)


Album Review: BMB con. ~ Μεσσήνη (Μαυρομμάτι) (2023)


Album Review: HIIT ~ For Beauty Is Nothing But The Beginning Of Terror (2023)


Album Review: Philip Samartzis ~ Atmospheres and Disturbances (2023)

Album Review: Quator Bozzini ~ Éliane Radigue: Occam Delta XV (2023)

Album Review: Tujiko Noriko - Crépuscule I & II (2023)

Album Review: Tachycardie - Autonomie Minérale (2023)

Album Review: NO HAY BANDA - I had a dream about this place (2022)


Album Review: Diane Barbé - a conference of critters (2022)

Album Review: Il Radioamatore - The Fall of Europe (2022)

Album Review: London Sound  Survey - From Dusk Till Dawn (2022)

Album Review: Susie Ibarra and Tashi Dorji - Master of Time (2022)

Album Review: Amirtha Kidambi and Luke Stewart - Zenith/Nadir (2022)

Album Review: Alberto Boccardi - Petra (2022)

Album Review: k. burwash - Holding Air (2022)

"Nonetheless, Today It Is This Way": The Short Films of Sky Hopinka (2022)


Album Review: cachedmedia - Flitr (2022)

Album Review: Rie Nakajima and Takahiro Kawaguchi - Utsuho (2022)

Elephant and the Paradox of Narrative (2022)

Terry Jennings: What Is There to Say? (2022)


Morton Feldman and the Memory of Art (2022)


Album Review: yMusic's 'Ecstatic Science' (2020)

Album Review: ‘a tangle of stars’ by Mary Halvorson and John Dieterich (2020)

Album Review: ‘Celesta’ by Michael Jon Fink (2019)

Album Review: Ashley Bathgate’s ‘ASH’ (2019)

Album Review: Nathalie Joachim’s ‘Fanm d’Ayiti’ (2019)

Album Review: ‘Teenages’ by Qasim Naqvi (2019)

Album Review: ‘And All the Days Were Purple’ by Alex Weiser 


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